Personal Training

Our Training consist of a 90-day training program. Our philosophy is based out of our belief that it takes 21 days to create a habit, 62 days to solidify the new habit , and 90 days to create a new lifestyle. 



Our program is broken down in three parts. 

1. Mind 

2. Physical (Body)Training

3. Homework / Analysis 


We understand that the Mental aspect of your training is responsible for up to 60-80% of your results while the remaining 20-40% to the physical.  With that in mind we created a program to fill those needs.


IPT's physical training is unique and does not allow the body to adapt, the majority of our training is through body weight exercises. Our training consist of functional training mixed with free weights and cardio. Eighty percent of our specialty regimens will be done with free weights and resistance.

Fitness Instructor Training