Toning Program

Our Houston toning program is really set to target body fat. Our physical training involves body weight exercises , hit training and also high rep resistance training. We also provide you with a diet for the entire duration of your program with optional fat shredding supplements.

Personalized toning program in Houston to meet your personal goals

Need more muscle tone? Wish to begin your body toning journey? You have arrived at the best place in Houston. IPT Fitness’ toning program in Houston is the best fit for toning up your abdomen, legs, arms, shoulders, back, and chest. Or the entire body! We are one of Houston’s most trusted personal trainers, with a proven track record to our name.

Why do you need a personal toning program?

It is good to know and understand your body. Some people who walk through our doorsteps are well-aware of how they want to help. Others are a fit less aware. We encourage curious interactions during the free consultation, where we help you identify the muscles you need to tone up the best exercises and workouts that can optimize your toning journey. It is the time to get a close glimpse of what we can offer through our affordable toning program in Houston.

IPT Fitness’ progressive and comprehensive toning program Houston

When we say that your muscles need to be toned up, it means that the fat covering your muscles needs to be worked upon. As a result, you can’t feel your muscles because layers of fat have sunk the muscles deep below. The more fat, the harder it will be to feel the muscles again.

But, no worries because our proficiently trained and seasoned coaches, Coach Ariel and Isaac, will lend you expert guidance to get there without hiccups. There are two ways universally that we adopt in our personal toning programs.

Both the methods go hand-in-hand. So, we devise strategies to work out your muscles to minimize fat on the one hand, and on the other, a personalized program is developed to build your lean muscles.

The objective of our personal programs
So, in a nutshell, our toning programs’ objective is to reduce excess fat deposited on your muscles and help build up lean muscles. It is as simple as this. However, we must tell you that it takes dedicated work to reach the goal. Nonetheless, when you are supervised, assisted, and guided by leading personal fitness trainers in Houston, you can achieve all of this with amazing agility. There are two aspects to toning:

1. We curate a bespoke program that focuses on creating an energy deficit working on your body fat. It means that you need to dissipate more energy than you consume. We create a nutrition plan offering fat-losing supplements, plus chalk out a tailor-made exercise routine to achieve this goal. The key highlight of our affordable toning program in Houston is creating a tailored program tailored to your individual needs.
2. An invigorating and exhausting resistance-training program is chalked out to develop lean muscles. We keep in mind three important things when developing a Toning Program in Houston for you: the frequency of the exercises, the intensity, and the volume. Care is taken to ensure that specific and targeted muscle groups are stimulated relevantly.

Do I need a personal trainer to tone my muscles?

Yes, it is advisable to have a reputed personal trainer work alongside you to achieve your goals holistically. While there are multiple DIY videos available online and on YouTube for toning muscles, a personal trainer like us makes a difference to your toning journey. We design a one-to-one Toning Program Houston ideal for your physique, physical and mental condition, goals, preferences, location, timeframe, lifestyle, and health needs. Can you do it on your own? Probably yes, but with experts who have been doing it day-in and day-out for the last fifteen years, you are secured because it is all risk-free with achievable goal creation. We can combine nutritional plans with your workout schedules to maximize your self-transformation journey.


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Only personal (one on one) private training .

At IPT we are more affordable than most gyms due to it being a private studio and not a commercial gym where everybody get a cut. Our price point ranges between $35 -$53 a session per hour. Price point depends on different variables such as goals , number of sessions, duration etc. On average elsewhere personal training prices range from $50 -$90 a session. Also duration of sessions usually last about 30-45 minutes.

All our sessions are 1 hr in duration unless otherwise discussed for longer periods.

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