Muscle building program

Our Houston muscle building program is set up to meet your needs. We first see what the specific goals are and create a personalize hypertrophy training regimen along with a muscle building diet to meet the goal. Also what’s included are optional muscle building and fat shredding supplements. Most gains are most noticeable in about 6-8 weeks.

We help with muscle building in Houston

Muscle building is complex because doing it in the wrong place may cause a lot of hardships. Building muscles on the waist leads to many ailments like heart disease and diabetes apart from becoming obese. At IPT offer the best muscle building Houston to have a manly look with bulging muscles on the arms, shoulders, and thighs.

Building muscles need to have a positive energy balance. Building a pound of muscle needs approximately 2,800 calories to support protein turnover. Our holistic bodybuilding Houston is easy to do with appropriate training. Our muscle-building program coaches have enough expertise to build muscles the right way as per their needs.

Bodybuilding is not only for competitions but also to have a healthy body. Studies confirm that even those above 50 years and more should build their muscles to stay healthy. Also, it is easy to evade any chronic ailments like heart diseases with regular workouts. Also, it helps to maintain proper sugar levels not to get affected by type 2 diabetes.

Our professional bodybuilding Houston coaches will help clients devise the best bodybuilding regime. Only then the excess eating to build muscles can happen at the right places to be and look smart and healthy. Along with our excellent diet plan, we offer world-class bodybuilding coaching for youth, middle-aged, and even seniors.

Human bodies can build about 227 grams of muscle every week. Eating an excess of 250 to 500 calories will help build that muscle. But it should be only with regular training with the help of our best bodybuilding Houston coach. With the expertise of over 15 years, our coaches can build the muscles in the right way to not become obese or unhealthy.

Our muscle-building program incorporates bodybuilding and diet plans for achieving our clients’ specific goals. It is the reason that hundreds trust us for years to have a mind-boggling body with strong muscles. Our personalized hypertrophy fitness regime includes a proper diet with optional muscle building along with fat-shredding muscles.

If you want the best bodybuilding in Houston within six to eight weeks, call us now to build muscles the right way and in the right place to be healthy with smart looks.


IPT Academy Fitness Gym- 4606 Cypress creek pkwy , Houston Tx Suite 148.
Cross streets are veterans memorial and 1960 . We are in a big glass building behind whataburger.

Only personal (one on one) private training .

At IPT we are more affordable than most gyms due to it being a private studio and not a commercial gym where everybody get a cut. Our price point ranges between $35 -$53 a session per hour. Price point depends on different variables such as goals , number of sessions, duration etc. On average elsewhere personal training prices range from $50 -$90 a session. Also duration of sessions usually last about 30-45 minutes.

All our sessions are 1 hr in duration unless otherwise discussed for longer periods.

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