Boxing Personal Trainer

Our Houston boxing training involves 1 on 1 personal training. Starting with the fundamentals. Working with stance, right stepping progressing to throwing the jab correctly then proceeding to the straight 1-2 punching. In the physical training their will be lots of conditioning and many rounds of heavy bag and mitt work as the training advances.

Up your skills with the best personal boxing coach in Houston

Welcome to a fitter you! With the most proficient boxing coach in Houston, you will certainly improve your performance.

Are you searching the internet for a trusted and result-oriented personal boxing coach? If yes, you have stopped by the right website because IPT Fitness is one of the most recognized boxing coaching and training centers in Houston.

Thank you for considering us and giving us the time to tell you more about our coaching and training regimes. Let’s chat because we would first like to know why you seek a personal trainer for boxing. Is it because
• You wish to achieve performance goals?
• You aim to realize your fitness goals?
• You wish to train to become a boxer?

If any of the above reasons apply to you, you are certainly at the right place. At IPT Fitness, you will meet Coach Isaac and Coach Ariel. Both are known experts in boxing training in Houston. With over fifteen years of hardcore experience, the coaches aim to offer you a holistic experience, guiding you through the training period so that you can carry forward and continue achieving your goals even when working independently.

Why do you need a specialist Boxing Personal Trainer?

A personal Boxing Trainer in Houston will work as your guide and philosopher. When you pick the right guide, you can focus on your training sincerely and wholeheartedly.

Every step that you take will be under the supervision of the trainer. It is a one-to-one interaction that will help you optimize your time, money, and, most of all, your learnings. As your personal boxing coach in Houston, our purpose is to help you train effectively. When required, we will push you to the core and go slow when relevant. Your goals are our objectives. Once your trust with yours, you can be one-hundred percent sure of accomplishing them very soon.

During your boxing training in Houston with us, we will focus on a comprehensive regime so that your different muscle groups can benefit optimally from each session.

With us as your Boxing Personal Trainer, you can achieve your fitness aspirations faster and better; no false promises! We have delivered the results to many trainees before you, and there is no reason why we cannot deliver yours. You are sure to benefit from our personalized program created just for you, based on your needs and fitness levels.

Why choose IPT Fitness as your Personal Boxing Trainer?

There are distinct advantages, of course! No compulsion; you can start with our Free Consultation service to understand how things are handled here. No obligations at all. Simply call us over the phone or write to us or schedule an appointment to get first-hand knowledge of why over 400 fitness enthusiasts have trusted Coach Isaac and Coach Ariel in Houston to date.

They make it simple for you to understand how the fitness program will run, its offerings, how it will be fine-tuned to match your specific requirements and goals, and more. Our competent Boxing Coaches in Houston welcome all your queries.

Be prepared to push your limits with us!

No looking back, no doubts will come to haunt you. When you choose us as your Boxing Trainer in Houston, you will be given a gentle nudge just when you feel you have done enough. Build your self-confidence, and you augment your boxing skills. Learn from experts, well-versed with the latest techniques and tactics. Be motivated stay inspired as we boost you to take on challenges you thought were never meant for you.

IPT Fitness means improvement, making you a competitive boxer, through and through!


IPT Academy Fitness Gym- 4606 Cypress creek pkwy , Houston Tx Suite 148.
Cross streets are veterans memorial and 1960 . We are in a big glass building behind whataburger.

Only personal (one on one) private training .

At IPT we are more affordable than most gyms due to it being a private studio and not a commercial gym where everybody gots to get a cut. Are price point ranges between $35 -$53 a session. Price point depends on different variables such as goals , number of sessions, duration etc. Most gyms’ price point for personal training ranges from $50 -$90 a session. And many times only 30-45 minutes in duration.

All our sessions are 1 hr in duration unless otherwise discussed for longer periods.

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