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IPT Academy Fitness Gym- 4606 Cypress creek pkwy , Houston Tx Suite 148.
Cross streets are veterans memorial and 1960 . We are in a big glass building behind whataburger.

Only personal (one on one) private training .

At IPT we are more affordable than most gyms due to it being a private studio and not a commercial gym where everybody gots to get a cut. Are price point ranges between $35 -$53 a session. Price point depends on different variables such as goals , number of sessions, duration etc. Most gyms’ price point for personal training ranges from $50 -$90 a session. And many times only 30-45 minutes in duration.

All our sessions are 1 hr in duration unless otherwise discussed for longer periods.

Weight loss , nutritional, muscle building, toning , personal private boxing lessons, stretching classes, online and in person physical training.