Best Fitness & Weight Loss Trainer in Houston

IPT Academy is your top pick for weight loss. Coach Isaac and Coach Ariel are experienced, licensed and certified to work with all levels . We have over 15 years of experience and have helped over 300 clients hit their goal. Our curriculum based approach is proven to educate you and give you the hands on training you need to hit your goals .


Coach Isaac has a background in the sport of boxing where he learned many secrets to dropping weight. In many instances having to drop 10 pounds or more in one day to make weight for his bouts. With his expertise he wanted to be able to give back and help over-weight clients get professional help at an affordable price. With the help of his wife he founded IPT Academy . A purpose driven gym that has cultivated  a winning environment for clients to succeed.

Coach Isaac Garza

Isaac Garza and his wife Ariel Garza

Coach Ariel Garza